We offer a comprehensive suite of service offerings that cover all of your needs.

New Product Development

Machining, Cutting & Routing

Customization is no problem. In fact, we enjoy making custom parts unique to your specifications and tolerances. From pre-drilling holes and designing special shapes to line a boiler or firebox door to etching patterns, text or a logo, we can enhance the beauty and realism of your product and even provide a means for branding.

Engineering Services

Our services include machining and engineering – including CAD drawings and bill of material development. Complete refractory lining design is available, regardless of the application. We also can provide cost estimates and procurement services.


We can work with you to offer the best refractory option for your need and budget based on a thorough analysis of your desired features and benefits. This may include alternative heating solutions to provide energy savings and reduce the carbon footprint. Our thermal profile analysis of refractory lining components can locate the source of heat loss while comparing alternative lining and insulation options. We also can save you money by suggesting an equivalent solution to a name-brand product (such as Skamolex or Castolite).


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