VermiculiteVermiculite Refractory Panels are suitable for various domestic heating appliances. Because of their insulating properties and durability, vermiculite panels play a dual role of heat containment and heat reflection to enhance the desired performance of the appliance. These panels are often used as baffles and burner plates. Because they may be molded or machined into practically any shape or surface pattern, they offer a cost effective solution to give the appliance the desired aesthetic appeal. With domestic inventories and machining capabilities, NEUEX can react quickly to changing market demands, appliance modifications, and consumer tastes.

More About Vermiculite Panels

Vermiculite can be pressed into molds to produce shapes of almost any geometry. A mold or tooling charge is required, however, this can be very cost effective for large quantity orders – all handling associated with machining and cutting is eliminated. This same molding technique or a router may be used to produce various patterns on the board faces. Standard panels with decorative faces have become popular with the chimney sweeps and those providing replacement parts businesses. In the case of OEM’s, back and side panels, baffle plates, and hearth plates can be pressed with exact tolerances and repeatability. Curved and radius parts are easy to produce.

Vermiculite panels may be painted with a high temperature coating to create a variety of “looks” and enhance surface hardness. See data for Techno-Coat HT 1100®. The boards may be joined together or to other refractory or steel by screw, clip, or a high temperature adhesive. See data for Techno-Adhesive VL1100®.

Faster fire-up, higher efficiency, and reduced emissions can be achieved by using Thermax Vermiculite panels.

In addition to refractory linings, vermiculite panels can be laminated with various decorative materials to form wall and furniture components – fireplace mantels and surrounds. And because they are fireproof, they can be used as fire shields and pads. If this application is of interest, please let us know.

Environmentally friendly

In addition to their utility, aesthetic qualities, and durability, vermiculite panels help our customers achieve “CO2 Neutral” capability in their combustion chambers by increasing combustibility and efficiency to keep emissions to a minimum. In that way, the amount of CO2 given off by combustion is no more than would naturally be given off by decay of the wood or other renewable fuel source.

Vermiculite panels offer the market a “green solution” by contributing to the reduction of emissions, fuel consumption, and the non-hazardous nature of spent linings.

Naturally occurring raw material can be recycled for horticultural use as moisture retaining soil additive.