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Neuex Products

The latest innovations in heat management solutions brought down to scale for use by homeowners, artisans and small restaurant owners. Vermiculite panels and refractory products are available.


We work with you to offer the best refractory option for your need and budget based on a thorough analysis of your desired features and benefits – including energy savings and sustainability.

Product Development

Customization is no problem. In fact, we enjoy making custom parts unique to your specifications and tolerances with our expert machining and engineering services.

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Skamotec 225 Fireplace Enclosures

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Who Uses Neuex Products?

Neuex offers products and services to almost everyone.

Glass Artists

From kiln shelving to molds to back-up insulation, we can provide durable and high-heat resistant products for your kiln and castings.


Products and consultation for the do-it-yourselfer – fireplace, pizza ovens and more.


From outdoor fireplaces, firepits and ovens, we have the right firebrick and fireclay materials for your clients.


We offer refractory products and vermiculite panels that provide innovative and value-added options for home heating.

Chimney Sweeps

Firebricks, high temperature mortar and refractory replacement parts adaptive to any damaged fireplace or chimney repair, plus subtracting and installation supervision.

Ceramic Artists

Superior quality refractory materials, comparable to Castolite products, for pottery furnaces and kilns ensure great results.


We are a single source for heat resistant and insulating products, providing appliance manufacturers with efficient shipping and inventory control.

Specialty Use

We work with distributors, aftermarket repair and maintenance and specialty markets. Territories are protected for any distributor we sign.